Phase 1 – Strategy and User Research

We analyze the market, scouting for references and researching for competitors. This process facilitates the following analysis of the core users, what they want or need, and how to build a product that will appeal to them.

  • Study the landscape
  • Understand the brand strategy
  • Research the core user


Phase 2 – Designing The Experience

RancoStudios designs the experience starting with 3 main steps, each increasing in detail, from the flow to the wireframes and from pen and paper to a high-definition prototype.

  • Sketch the experience
  • High-definition wireframes
  • Prototype


Phase 3 – Adding Beauty

All your Graphic Design needs, in one place. Digital or Print, we provide you with beautiful concepts to set your brand ahead of the competition.

  • Layout Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Icon and Illustration Design


Phase 4 – Coding

Our talented team of trendy Web Developers & Designers engage with your vision passionately and take your requirements to detail, in order to develop them into a very strong Web 3.0 presence.

  • Build structure
  • Design Implementation
  • Launching your site

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